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When social justice meets counselling

Systemic racism and systemic oppression affect many people in Canada. Systemic racism wouldn't exist without colonization and a culture of white supremacy - the social conditioning we are born into. These social dynamics also play a role in the relationship between client and therapist.

We support counsellors, coaches, and therapists to integrate a social justice lens into their services. This includes dismantling the complex dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression. 

We envision a world where mental health professionals learn to take care of their privilege and dismantle the traits of a culture of white supremacy so that we can provide healthier services to diverse clients. 

Unmasking white privilege - Program
Navigating the Path to Personal Accountability

The social injustices in our society also affect the relationship of white counsellors and their BIPOC clients. As a white counsellor, we have automatically white privilege towards our BIPOC clients. Many of us aren't trained on how to navigate this ethically. The program Unmasking white privilege will support you in doing so. 

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Coaching for privilege
Discover how to navigate your privilege healthily

This coaching program supports you in navigate privilege healthily as a counsellor or coach. Start your journey today to integrate an anti-oppressive/ anti-racist lens into your services.

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Coaching for inclusion of LGBTQ2S+ individuals

Individuals belonging to the LGBTQ2S+ community face different experiences of oppression in society. Many counselling trainings don't touch on experiences of gender and sexually diverse people. Counselling can be harmful if a counsellor isn't well aware about these dynamics. This coaching program supports leaders in the mental health field in providing healthier services for LGBTQ2S+ community.

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What makes us different

Trauma-informed Practice
Exploring social dynamics sometimes touches on our individual experiences of trauma. Our services are trauma-informed to provide you with a safe space to do your professional development.
Growth Oriented
While we cannot change the past, we can take responsibility and unlearn harmful social conditioning. Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a lifelong journey. People are at different stages when it comes to practicing it. We meet you were you are at and explore what your next step is.
Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a journey that often brings up difficult emotions like shame and guilt. We offer you a compassionate space to work through these emotions.
Promoting Accountability
Anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice requires that we apply the knowledge into our lives. Our services promote accountability so that you are empowered to take action and integrate the principles into your life.
Theoretical knowledge combined with lived experience
The services integrate my lived experience as a white settler practicing anti-racism and decolonization in Canada. Additionally, it draws from my knowledge as a non-binary person who is an immigrant in Canada.
What our clients said
Natalie is an exceptionally skilled facilitator with a profound grasp of group dynamics and the broader systems that shape our lives. They fearlessly pose difficult questions, drawing from their personal experience, and demonstrate an unwavering dedication to advancing racial justice. Throughout our work together, I felt both nurtured and challenged, held accountable to my own growth potential and yet always, always safe.” - Hannah, Somatic Coach 
"The program "Unmasking white privilege" was a really helpful grounding point for me in my learning journey. Natalie is a skilled facilitator with a lot of knowledge and practice experience around anti-racism. The discussions, content and ability to process and make plans for taking anti-racist action within my workplace were invaluable." S.W., MSW, RSW
"I chose to work with Natalie as I experienced them as willing to meet me at my edges, courageously challenging me to explore my relationship with self and others in terms of privilege in the many systems I am a part of. Natalie’s ability to hold challenge AND compassion as a mentor, allowed me to uncover many layers and see and feel with more clarity. My year working with Natalie, continues to resource me." Kerry, PhD CPCC ORSCC PCC ACTC, S-EIA

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