Too many people are struggling with the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and depression.
Trauma-informed counselling can support you to regain control.

Bright Horizon Therapies specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma and loss and people who live with anxiety and depression. We support our clients to regain control in their lives. Our belief is that healing is possible despite of what happened to you.

We offer our services either in-person in Calgary or online. Our trauma-informed counselling services integrate EMDR which is recognized as the leading trauma resolution method. 

Meet Natalie
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor & Systemic Coach

Natalie (they/them) specializes in working with diverse clients who have experienced trauma, loss or adverse childhood experiences as well as people with depression and anxiety. Natalie is passionate about supporting their clients to transform their lives and experience more joy and fulfillment. Their social justice-based counselling services are trauma-informed and integrate EMDR, recognized as the leading trauma-resolution method.

Additionally, Natalie provides professional development around social justice, power and privilege for mental health professionals.

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What makes us different?

Find out what we can offer you.
Specialized Care
Innovative, evidence based care, focused on trauma, adverse childhood experiences, anxiety and depression.
You are the expert in your life and we collaborate with you to achieve your goals.
Client Empowerment
We focus on finding ways so that you feel empowered in your life. We strive to give you choice and be transparent.
Trauma-informed Practice
Trauma-informed practice that integrates EMDR, recognized as leading method to resolve trauma.
Applied Social Justice
We pro-actively work towards dismantling power, privilege, and oppression - BIPOC people allied and LGBTQT2S+ people allied.
Free Discovery Session
We offer a free phone consultation to reduce your risk and see whether we are a good fit.

You deserve to heal.

Here is our process to help you get there
Counselling Sessions
Start our collaboration
We will start our collaboration based on the goals you have. The sessions can be online or in-person.
Regain control
As a result, you will regain control and experience positive changes in your life.
Don't continue to struggle with your life.
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