Relationship counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Is your relationship in a difficult place right now?

Many relationships go through crisis due to a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, mental health or physical health issues influence the relationship negatively or it may have gotten out of balance due to too much work or after becoming parents. Other times, outside stressors like oppression, immigration or other family members, increase the stress within the relationship. 

While it is a tough spot to be in, a crisis is also an opportunity for growth. Relationship counselling can support you in working through the crisis and finding solutions that works for both you. It also teaches you new skills to navigate relationships more healthily. Additionally, relationship counselling can support you to end a relationship mindfully.

Relationship counselling to work through crisis

In our collaboration, I will listen to the voice of your relationship to support you through the crisis. You will gain new insights and perspective on your relationship. You and your partner will learn new strategies to cope with difficulties.

If you choose to end your relationship, it would also support you to work through the separation mindfully.

Benefits of relationship counselling

Conflict resolution

You will learn healthy behaviours in conflict.

Healthy communication

You will learn healthy communication patterns.

Deepen your connection

You will get to know your partner better and learn to embrace your differences.

Increase positivity

Learn strategies to increase the positivity in your relationship.

Outside stressors

You will find new ways to navigate outside stressors.

What makes us different

Innovative care

We integrate evidence-based best practices into relationship counselling and strive to continuously evolve our knowledge.


We listen to the voice of your relationship and explore what is best for you.

Client Empowerment

We focus on giving you choices so that you feel empowered and in control.

Trauma-informed Practice

Past trauma may affect our capacity to respond in relationships. Our approach to relationship counselling is trauma-informed.

Social Justice Lens

We acknowledge systemic dynamics of oppression and integrate anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice. We are BIPOC allied, LGBTQ2S+ allied, and sex worker allied.

Free Discovery Session

We offer a free discovery session to give you the opportunity to get to know us better and decide whether we are a good fit.

Take your next step today

Book a free discovery session today to explore your options.

We are aware that it can be stressful to look for a therapist.
We provide a welcoming space where you can explore the possibility of a collaboration. 

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