Do you want to contribute to breaking the cycle of systemic oppression that our BIPOC clients face?
Then, the monthly accountability circle is for you.

Unfortunately, anti-racist practice is not an obligation in the mental health industry. Whether you are a coach, counsellor, or therapist, many of us have never learned how we can navigate our white privilege ethically in our relationships with clients. Our unawareness impacts BIPOC clients and BIPOC people in general negatively and can be harmful. The time to change this is now. As white mental health professionals, we have a responsibility to break the cycle of systemic violence against BIPOC people. A continuous commitment to white anti-racist practice and taking care of our white privilege is the only way how we can get there.

In this group, you can do your work without unnecessarily burdening BIPOC people and move torwards white anti-racist practice. 

How can you participate?

The program "Unmasking White Privilege" consists of six groups sessions (1.5 hrs) and two 1-on-1 coaching sessions. The next cohort starts on November 8, 2023. The group sessions run on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The meeting starts at 1:00 pm PT/ 2:00 pm MT/ 4 pm ET.

Early Bird Pricing is available until October 15, 2023. 

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What will you get out of it?

Attending the program "Unmasking White Privilege," you will:
Dismantle white supremacy
You will dismantle how white supremacy may show up within yourself and the system your are part of.
Navigate white privilege healthily
You will discover how you can navigate your white privilege healthily in your relationships with BIPOC clients.
Safer services for BIPOC clients
You will be able to provide safer services for BIPOC clients and reduce further harm.
Influence of white supremacy on BIPOC Clients
You will learn how white supremacy plays a role in the lives of BIPOC clients.
Be comfortable with discomfort
You will learn how to have uncomfortable conversations about race, white supremacy and racism.
Excellence in white anti-racist practice

While each person has their journey towards anti-racist practice, white anti-racist practice is at risk of being performative since we have privilege towards BIPOC people. We strive to provide excellent quality with our program, therefore each participant needs to complete a written exam at the end of the program. The exam is designed to test your understanding of and ability to apply the principles of white anti-racist practice and navigate white privilege healthily.

After completing the written exam, every participant will be awarded a certificate of completion along with a personalized evaluation of their competency level in anti-racist practice upon full attendance.

Our instructional approach encompasses a diverse array of methods, ranging from engaging presentations and interactive breakout sessions to insightful self-reflection exercises, didactic lectures, engaging Q&A sessions, and other dynamic techniques.

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What our clients said
Natalie is an exceptionally skilled facilitator with a profound grasp of group dynamics and the broader systems that shape our lives. They fearlessly pose difficult questions, drawing from their personal experience, and demonstrate an unwavering dedication to advancing racial justice. Throughout our work together, I felt both nurtured and challenged, held accountable to my own growth potential and yet always, always safe.” - Hannah, Somatic Coach 
"The program "Unmasking white privilege" was a really helpful grounding point for me in my learning journey. Natalie is a skilled facilitator with a lot of knowledge and practice experience around anti-racism. The discussions, content and ability to process and make plans for taking anti-racist action within my workplace were invaluable." S.W., MSW, RSW

Benefits of working with Bright Horizon Therapies

Trauma-informed Practice
Exploring social dynamics sometimes touches on our individual experiences of trauma. Our services are trauma-informed to provide you with a safe space to do your professional development.
Growth Oriented
Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a lifelong journey. People are at different stages when it comes to practicing it. We meet you were you are at and explore what your next step is.
Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a journey that often brings up difficult emotions like shame and guilt. We offer you a compassionate space to work through these emotions.
Promoting Accountability
Anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice requires that we apply the knowledge into our lives. Our services promote accountability so that you are empowered to integrate the principles into your life.
Theoretical knowledge combined with lived experience
The services integrate my lived experience as a white settler practicing anti-racism and decolonization in Canada. Additionally, it draws from my knowledge as a non-binary person who is an immigrant in Canada.
Interactive workshops
Our workshops combine knowledge with activities, discussions, stories and self-reflection.
Are you interested in participating?
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During the session, we will explore whether we are a good fit. We will explore what you would like to get out of the program "Unmasking White Privilege" and I will clarify any questions. Book a free discovery session today. I am looking forward to talking to you. 

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