Mentoring to navigate privilege healthily.

Unfortunately, the coaching and counselling field hardly focuses on privilege, power or intersectionality. However, psychological safety isn't distributed equitably in our society. The more privilege an individual has, the safer they are. As a result, white privilege or other areas where we have privilege will blindfold us in our role as counsellors. Therefore, we may unconsciously harm BIPOC clients or other clients who belong to marginalized groups.

Anti-oppressive/ anti-racist practice is a vital element to provide ethical services. This program supports you in breaking the cycle of systemic violence and providing ethical services to your clients.

How does the program work?

Participating in the program, you will have a safe space to do your personal work to implement anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice. The duration of the mentoring depends on where you are it. It consists of regular zoom calls, education, homework for self-reflection and email support. The program is trauma-informed.


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What will you get out of it?

Dismantle white supremacy
You will understand how social power dynamics impact you in your role as a white counsellor in relationship with BIPOC clients
Important terminology
You will learn important traits of the culture of white supremacy and how to identify them within yourself and in your BIPOC clients' lives.
Break free from unconscious social conditioning
You will break free from white silence and white fragility
Take action
White people need to take action to contribute to anti-racist change. In this mentoring program, you will move from talking about it to really doing it.
Be comfortable with discomfort
You will learn how to have uncomfortable conversations about race, white supremacy and racism.
Receive a mentoring program that is adjusted to your needs and goals.

Why choosing Bright Horizon Therapies?

Trauma-informed practice
Exploring social dynamics sometimes touches on our individual experiences of trauma. Our services are trauma-informed to provide you with a safe space to do your professional development.
Growth oriented
Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a lifelong journey. People are at different stages when it comes to practicing it. We meet you were you are at and explore what your next step is.
Anti-racist/ anti-oppressive practice is a journey that often brings up difficult emotions like shame and guilt. We offer you a compassionate space to work through these emotions.
Promoting accountability
Anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice requires that we apply the knowledge into our lives. Our services promote accountability so that you are empowered to integrate the principles into your life.
Theoretical knowledge combined with lived experience
The services integrate my lived experience as a white settler practicing anti-racism and decolonization in Canada. Additionally, it draws from my knowledge as a non-binary person who is an immigrant in Canada.
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